If I catch a girl looking at me, might she have any interest in me?

Or does she just think I'm weird looking so she was just looking at my... weirdness?


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  • she could of been of looking at you for so many reason...i wasn't there so idk...if you catch doing it consistently...then ya mayeb she likes you, and if she smiles...aths good too, but some girls might look and then look away and you might get the feeling she thinks you look weird but it depends on the girl...some smile some don't if they like you or are interested.

  • well girls check guys out almost as much as guys/ girls, just cause she's looking doesn't mean she's interested but eye contact is a big part of it, if she's lookin at your face directly for a while , if she smiles at you then yeah she might be interested, or she might think you look funny... it could go either way :P


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