Do opposites attract?

Well, this guy knows I like him. He's known since the beginning of 2010.

anyway, he started talking to me on msn, about five weeks ago and everyday, whenever I come online, he would talk to me.

anyway, just recently, he came on msn and we had a conversation and stuff. and we were talking about my family life and blah. anyway, he was like, 'so what? we're opposites.'. well, we have many differences. he is more analytical and I am more linguistic. he is more logical while I am more intuitive.

well, I don't know whether he meant anything by that. I have a feeling he may have some sort of feeling for me, seeing as he shows signs of jealousy whenever I talk to other guys, such as interrupting them and stuff.

but would a guy ever say, 'we're opposites' to a girl he is rejecting or would he be saying 'opposites attract' if he is trying to get that across. he is a shy guy who is introverted while I am more extroverted.


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  • Honestly is kinda true and not true. For an example one of my co-workers explained to me how his wife is different then him in certain ways, like he is very messy and she is very clean, he likes a cooler house while she likes a warmer house, she likes mixed drinks while he likes beer. Those are minor opposites, which is why they say opposites attract, is that you are different to a certain degree while similar in others which make you stand each other. But for all relationships to work out in the end there are three key things.

    1. Acceptence/Understing: Of who the person is and what he does to make you happy.

    2. Similar Life Goals: You both may have different minor goals, like owning a type of car or something else. But in the end you need to have similar life goals to make the relationship last because those life goals and moments which you share is the bonding needed to make your relationship last.

    3. A natural Attraction: You just need to be wanting each other and have some passion for each other, with out that your relationship will die and not survive the test of time.

    Hope this helps, Also anything can happen,

    • This helped quite a bit.

      thank you for this. (:

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  • He could just be stating what he sees. being as you say he's analytical. Opposites do attract and are good for each other provided that both of you respect and value one anothers views. It's nice to have a lot in common but two opposite personalities such as both of yours will ground both of you and open you up to new perspectives. The only part that might be difficult is the introverted extroverted part. It could get really boring for you very quickly if he doesn't like to go out and do things and you constantly want to do things and meet new people. sooner or later you'll have to get your space and hang out with other people and eventually might look for another guy that is more outgoing. Hopefully he'll be able to deal that but probably not if he's that jelous.

    P.S. if this is just an e-relationship I think the both might be a little to serious

    • No, this is not an e-relationship. we go to school with each other (: I don't believe in e-relationship.

      well, in my opinion, I am not extroverted but from what everyone says, I am. I just like talking to people and making new friends. he's much more quiet but he's not socially retarded. plus, I prefer being alone sometimes. so yeah. I don't know whether he meant it in a bad way or a good way.

  • "he is a shy guy who is introverted while I am more extroverted"

    Had you not been attrackted, you wouldn't have wrote this thread ! Opposites do Attrack :)

    • Yeah. but I don't know whether he meant that comment to be some

      sort of a hint or some sort of a reject. I told him, I do have guy tendencies.

      you have to tell me what you're thinking or I wouldn't know.

  • Like magnets...maybe, either you like each other and get along or you dont...

    • Well. I agree with that.

      he's more straightforward while I am easier to get along.

      so I guess, there will be a lot of compromising from me. if we do get together.

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