Style Question- edgy style okay? Or not okay?

I am 25 years old female, and I am into the edgy style. I wear ripped denim, chains, studded belts, a lot of black / grey/ red/ navy clothing. I enjoy darker colours. I like metal and heavy rock music so I wear a lot of band tops as well as different variations and styles of shirts. I work part time at a service desk for a rental store, and I go to school (college) the rest of the time. I really only dress my own style when I'm outside of work.
I also enjoy different hair colours. I have fair skin, people tell me I look goth regularly, but I don't mind to be honest. Right now my hair is blonde. I have had dark red hair and black hair in the past, I like switching it up now and then. I like my makeup casual, not too much (mascara and eyeliner mostly) but I do like a smokey eye when I go out.

I enjoy being my own person, I'm happy wearing my own style, however one of my friends (she is 28) addressed me the other day, saying my style is "too dark", and"unprofessional" for anyone to take me seriously.
I mean, I took complete offence to this as I see a lot of people wearing what they like at school. I witness everything from PJs to short shorts, so I don't feel like my style is really all that bad considering I only wear it on my time. However, if I have to dress up for a job, or dress to occasion you bet I will.

Me being 25, is that wrong I still enjoy the darker style? I have tried others, but I just don't feel comfortable or nearly as confident as I do wearing the things I do now.
Should I try and change my style and my appearance to something new?


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  • Yeah it's okay. Just don't cut anyone with your edges.


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  • You've found your style, thats great 😊 If you're happy and confident, and it has a range of options to be dressed appropriately for all situations then I don't really see an issue


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