For Fun: Which Time Period Would Be Most "Fun" To Live In?

So after hitting up the bar last night me and a few friends go back to my apartment to just hang around and chat. I start up the Xbox and start playing red Dead Redemption (bad ass game) with my friends and I say "Man, the wild west was so cool"

Long story short a friendly argument ensues as to which time period was the most "fun" ("adventurous" is probably the better word) to live in.

So I thought, why not ask the nice people at GAG to settle the dispute? Which would you rather live in and why?

Also, Aside from the wild west the argument is not necessarily limited to specific regions of the world. For example while the middle ages is commonly associated with Europe keep in mind that China, Japan and Meso-America were going through a similar way of life.

Another thing. You can live whatever life you want in your choice of time period. Just because you live in the wild west doesn't mean you have to be a cowboy; you can be a freaking butcher if you want, it doesn't matter this is for fun :)

The poll system is limited to 5 so I'm going to put the 4 most interesting in the argument IMO, and leave the 5th as "other"

My Vote: The Wild West. There's nothing cooler than riding off into the sunset with nothing but the clothes on your back, your horse, and the six shooter in your holster. Whether you ride alone or you roll with a gang it's all so bad ass :)

  • The American Wild West (1830-1920)
    Vote A
  • Antiquity (1000,500 BC - 476 AD [Fall of western roman Empire])
    Vote B
  • Middle Ages (500-1300 AD)
    Vote C
  • Renaissance era (1300-1600 AD give or take)
    Vote D
  • Other (Let's keep this prior to 1939 AD)
    Vote E
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Damn, sorry for the long post.


Most Helpful Guy

  • The times of my ancestors, the Viking Warriors.

    • Word, me too. Maybe not so much as a woman though. Too much raping and pillaging going on. I'd love to have been sailing on a ship though, discovering s.hit. What country does that part of your family come from?

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    • Cool. Our king unfortunatley became a Christian back in the day and oppressed you guys. Sorry about that :(

    • Yeahhhh, you guys did kind of cause us a bit of a national language issue for many years to come, through all that. But it's chill, no grudges I guess, haha. Realistically, the Scandinavian languages are all so similar that it's not TOO big of a deal.

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  • Renaissance era or the Antquity


What Guys Said 3

  • the Cave-Man days, back then it did not matter how big your wallet was, but how big your **** was, you didn't have to have your sh*t together back then.

  • Well. I don't know much about history(Although I'd like to). So, I'll just say the middle ages. In a place where there are little rules, but my family isn't poor.

  • Well, neither of my parents remember the late 60's to early 70's. Including Woodstock. HOW DO YOU FORGET WOODSTOCK? But ya, I'd say that period of time. Acid Rock music, bright colors and good times.

    • Prior to 1939 man Prior! lol.

      Didn't you dream about this stuff as a kid? Come on you have to like something from the crazy old days prior to WW2.

    • Not really. LOL. I mean if you call the Great Depression a good time in America, then sure. I do like the Revolutionary and Civil War periods for their history, but I don't think I would really want to live in either. I mean granted, I feel there were much better family structures. People married for love, worked the land and relied on only themselves to be successful.