Does this nose shaping tool really work?

i bought this nose shaping massager tool. the round parts are rollers and u can roll it up and down your nose. it's supposed to keep your nose in shape and make it smaller...(?) or something. does it really work if i do it for a long time? or will it make my nose crooked and bigger? my nose is really big so i want to make it smaller to make myself look more attractive :/ please no judgey comments!!! make love not war <3 i have no money for surgery by the way im just 17 so don't ask me to go for surgery.Does this nose shaping tool really work?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • That's probably some type of garbage that's not going to do a thing for your nose

    • but if i use it often wouldn't it have some effect

    • How much does it cost? If it makes you feel better mentally go ahead and try it but don't expect much out of it

Most Helpful Girl

  • Hahahaha No...
    If it did no one would get plastic surgery...

    • the results might not be as drastic as plastic surgery

    • The results will be some bruises and the same damn bone structure you were born with...

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  • Nope if it was nobody would be spending thousands of money for a nose job

    • the results might not be as drastic as surgery

  • I think it only makes it worse


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