Going to a tanning salon?

So I got this really bad sun tan and it looks ugly.that now I'm thinking of going to a tanning salon.

My question is what type of tans are there?I know they say full body or just legs,so yeah what different type do they got?

and how much would it cost to get one?


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  • I am not sure what types they have at where you are at.

    But at my place they have full bodies (laying down type, and standing up type), and they have for face, and for legs.

    So you said your san tan looks ugly. Is it like, uneven? Or is it just an ugly color?

    If it is uneven, like your upper body is darker than your legs, than you can go with the legs only, to darken your legs.

    However, if you want an all over body tan, you will have to go into the body type ones. I reccomend the standing type, if they have it there. That really goes around your body, sides, and everything.

    You will have to get tanning oil or spray. Rub/Spray it evenly on your body ( but lighten elbows, knees, and other joints) before you get into the tanning booths.

    Also you asked what kind of tans are there? They have dessert sun, morning sun, beach sun, etc. Since you already have a base tan, you don't have to go to one that is too high, it might hurt your skin. The tan color results will only depend on your current skin color. Try it out for 10 or 15 mins.

    good luck :)

    • Well its very uneven I wasint wearing a correct shirt so know the neckline of the shirt is on me basiclly I can't wear no tank tops because it looks so uneven and on my legs the short line shows..

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    • I'll try the lotions and do they last that long?b/c I seen them before and wasint so sure if they worked or not.. and yeah it sounds more difficult if I go to a tanning salon.

    • Sublime lasts pretty long. I like it a lot because unlike the other lotions (gradual tanning stuff), it instantly tans your skin. It could last for about a week, I think. If you totally stop use of it.

      When you get the color you want, you can lessen, and maybe rub it on 2 or 3 times a week intsead of everyday.

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  • banana boat has really good tanning lotions. Its not like the spray on crap but its actual lotion and you put it on after you take a shower and it comes as an actual tan. You don't see it right away, it comes slowly as if you were outside and it actually looks like a real tan