Why does my skin breakout whenever in NOT wearing makeup?

so when I go to school I always have a full face on: foundation, concealer, contour, eyebrows, mascara, sometimes highlight, eyeshadow, lipstick. but on weakened and school breaks when I normally don't wear any I break out. most people say makeup makes you break out but it's the opposite for me


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  • Do you switch up you skin care products often/regularly? My skin freaks out when I either use the same products too often, or switch face washes and/or astringents or lotion

  • it's the same thing for me it's like your sink is used to all the stuff you put on it everyday so when you stop your sink will change I feel like I said all of that sounding stupid 😂😂😂

  • Sounds like a delayed allergic reaction to me.

    • but nothing that seems like a reaction just blackheads and pimples. no redness, swelling or it hing happens

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    • okay. I'll start doing that and the next​ time i go to the store for that I'll ask and I agree that Sephora is overpriced for mediocre products

    • The good thing is they have everything. I can only wear Lancôme mascara because of very sensitive skin and it's the same price as other stores but they have a wider selection. Also I earn points towards other things which is nice. Otherwise not worth it.

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