Guys, Are you really more attracted to blondes or do you just think they are more approachable?

I recently dyed my hair blonde from brunette and honestly I am getting approached more. I don't look better blonde. I look worse. What gives?
  • Yes, I prefer blondes over brunettes and other dark hair.
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  • No, I just think they are more approachable.
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  • No, I just think they are more easy generally.
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  • Dont really have a particular preference, but I guess blondes just catch you eye. Its like we are programmed to stare at a blonde. if we see one. Although I dont really have preference, if I had to, I would go with country blondes.


Most Helpful Girl

  • maybe it just looks good on you?

    • Ah thank you for the thought, but I genuinely think it doesn't! I think it has to do with some conception of blonde women to be honest.

    • I don't know, I'm naturally blonde and my friends are brunette and we all get hit on lol I heard more than one guy say that my 🐱 must be so pale and pink.. it creeped me out a bit and I've also had guys ask me if the carpet matched the drapes 😑

    • Ahhhhh, yes I think they are interested in light hair down their haha!

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  • I guess it has something to do with psychological block or stereotype that has been around long enough about blondes being dumb and/or easy.

  • Since the antique times, blondes were more popular, because their hair glows in the sunlight. That's way ancient men considered them as some sort of "gift from gods".

    • Thank you for MHO

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