Am I too much of a tomboy?

I am 17 and quite a bit of a tomboy. I haven't worn a skirt since I was 8. I never wear make-up, avoid low-cut tops or skimpy clothes. I have quite short hair and have a bit of a masculine personality (i.e. I am a bit sporty, I'm really into video games and barely act like a girl at all).

This leads most people to assume that I'm a lesbian when I'm not. I know I'm straight. I have never had a boyfriend (and understand that this isn't "abnormal"). But a guy has never even shown any interest in me in a romantic way.

So my question is... am I too much of a tomboy for a guy to be attracted to me?

I am friends with guys but I'm pretty sure they just see me as "one of the guys". And please don't give advice about changing my look, acting more feminine, etc because then I wouldn't be me! I want to be liked for who I am not how society wants me to be!

Not only that but my confidence and self-esteem levels are pretty low from bullying because of how I am (oh, the irony!) so wearing more "girly" clothes is a big no!

I really am looking for views from guys... do I sound like too much of a guy for you to be interested in? :\


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  • You sound hot girl. Some of us prefer a woman who's not complicated by makeup and fancy hair, but can do boy things with us and at the end of the day be female. A lot of guys are very passive, and need the woman to be the aggressor in a relationship (and in sex). You'll have to actively pursue them. Take your tomboy image to the next step by reversing traditional male/female roles in relating to men. As for me, what's better than a strong woman?


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't worry about being tom-boyish, its a major turn on for some guys. The things that you don't like about yourself, are the things that guys will probably love about you :D Good Luck!

    And if you ever want to chat, feel free to add me :D