You should love yourself?

I know it sounds hypothetical, but you should love yourself. I say this, because I see a lot of black women trying a get plastic surgery to lessen the width of their nose.
There are times where I love my nose and where I don't think it fits on my face, but I'm not going as far to have surgery. There are times where I think I'd look much prettier with a different nose and times I'm like, "fuck this shit, my nose and I are going to break barriers."
Why is there so much hate for black noses?


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  • people get bored from seeing their own image in the mirror.


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  • Honey there's a lot of black hate for everything I still can't feel comfortable wearing my natural hair even though my mom and sister do. The fact that we were made to think that certain beauty standards apply is our own downfall so embrace everything about you and even if you don't love it pretend you do and one day it'll actually be the truth I promise.


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  • I think a looooot of women have problems with their noses. Like I don't know if I had a single friend in middle school and high school who didn't go through the "I hate my nose!" Phase. I know I did XD

    But I think it's like when you make a custom sim and you're like "this will look so good!" And them you end up with a hideous monster XD So we just have to appreciate what we have as long as it functions properly.


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