My sister is in the hospital and her boyfriend that she loved very much broke up with her yesterday....

She wants me to help her think of some way to get her mind off of him. I know that usually when she breaks up with someone she has like 3months of INTENSE runs 10miles a day and goes to the gym for the rest of the day.but since she can't move she is going crazy. He says that he never wants to see her again. I guess she tried to break up with him because they went to Busch Gardens and he told her that he didn't bring money with she passed out in the 100 degree weather after being there for 8 hours.and then when they were leaving he was like HEY! Lets get a frozen lemonade! .and she didn't think that was nice of him to watch her almost die when he couldve saved her the whole time. sooooooooo yea.she broke up with him.then she felt bad and told him she loved him and he was like yea right I never want to see you again. You screwed me over blahblahblah. now she's in the hospital.we don't know why yet.we will find out tonight, but she's going crazy because she can't run. what should she do


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  • He makes a loser look good! Let your sister know, rally her friends, etc., that all of you are there for her. Yes, its still hard, but that is a jerk who treated her like that and she deserves much better. Maybe this guy will be committed, might be the best for him. Anyway, back to sis, sorry she is in hospital, hope that she gets better. It is so good she found this out before anything more seriously happened. No one is worth losing your life, identity, dreams, etc., over. Before you can love someone else, you have to love you. And you cannot always be

    with the one you love, but you can show them love, be letting them go. Good Luck!


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  • Write your own mad libs based on the things he did. Leave blanks in the most important parts, and write away! It will be fun when the story goes from him spilling soda on himself at the zoo, to spilling, er, well you get the idea. And the fun part is you can always re-tell the mad lib stories to friends. Watch the fun begin!

    You could also hire a male stripper. A girl once told me it's funny when a guy is walking around in thong underwear and has dollar bills hanging half way out.

    A more serious activity would be to begin writing a goals list. Writing specific goals with a plan of action, and organzing them by time period. So like a five year list, a ten year list, so on and so forth. Make sure that the goal has specific steps listed so that it is clear how to accomplish it.

    The two of you could take up a quilting/sewing project. A girl I know from college just recently finished a bed spread that involved tearing a old one apart and then incorporating several shirts into the pattern. Yes, she stitched shirts into a bed spread, giving it a new life, and a unique quality.

    Have fun! And I'll include your sister in my prayers.


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  • write a list of all the bad things that he's ever done to her-that would make her feel less guilty and make her wonder why she would want to see him again anyway x

    • Oh thank you!! that sounds great!! :)

  • not think of him every time she does , she should think for the words he said to ehr " screw you" and that way she can hate him and move on , and tell her no one ever died from a break up she will survive.