What to wear to a music festival?

It's mostly indie music, btw. I've been to shows and I've been to different types of festivals, but I've never went to one like this before.

Is it okay to wear a dress? I might because it's really hot, but I'm afraid it might seem overdressed. (This is the one I have - link - except the background is navy and the pattern is green/purple.)

What about a romper? This is kind of like the one I have, except it has a different floral pattern. link

Also thinking of wearing a kind of oversized striped shirt tucked into high waisted denim shorts. ( link - this in white/navy + random denim high waisted shorts) It might seem mom-ish, but trust me, it looks good. Kind of unsure about people's opinions on this though.

So, what option would be best/most appropriate for a festival? Keep in mind it will probably be really hot, definitely be really crowded... and filled with hipsters, haha. ;)

What do you usually wear to festivals, shows, concerts, etc.?

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  • Romper
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i would go with the romper, the dress might be a bit too inconvenient


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  • Every music festival I've ever gone to, I never cared about what everyone looked like around me. Most people are there for the music, so just wear something you're comfortable in.


What Girls Said 3

  • Don't overthink it! Music festivals are not runway shows. Those all look nice, but the most important thing is to be comfortable. It's going to be long, hot day, so just keep that in mind(:

  • anything that looks relaxed and down to earth...nice shirt and shorts...or a casual dress is fine.

  • dresses are nice and cool if you're comfortable in them- if not a rompers cute!