Are guys hesitant to tell girls they are beautiful?

This question is not meant to come across as conceited so please do not take it that way. I know I am an attractive girl (I wasn't always, however) and the past couple of years my face and body have changed and I look MUCH prettier than I did as a teen. Guys will stare at me and I get catcalled sometimes, but I have never had a guy my age tell me I was attractive, beautiful, pretty, cute, sexy...anything (except for random creepy cat callers who say weird things to me, but I don't think they count).

Are guys hesitant to tell girls they are beautiful? Since I never had much confidence in my looks before, it would feel nice to be complimented that way.


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  • It all depends on the attitude of the girl.

    If the girl thinks she's all that I see no reason to, since she won't appreciate it anyway.

    I would not hesitate to give a compliment to a sweet, down to earth and beautiful girl though..


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