Does golden hair look better with tanned or pure white skin?

I tan very easily so the tanning is not an issue. The issue is once I tan it takes two years for the color to revert back to pure white (even when I stay out of the sun during the full length). This is a problem because once I start I cannot go back essentially, and this affects my makeup as well. I’m half-middle-eastern and have strong middle-eastern features also so I guess more exotic which can work with the image? I really want to try the darker look because I’ve been doing my makeup very light suited for pale skin and it works great but I already tanned a bit and the color will take months to revert back so I figured go all the way in. The image I want is gold-skinned with gold hair tbh. This seems like a lot of trouble lmao but maintaining my image is very important for me and it’s fun. What do you think? The look I'm going for is this:
http:// www. holleewoodhair. com/2012/08/13/beyonces-new-hair-chotw/ (just delete the spaces)

  • I prefer golden hair with tanned, gold-like, dark skin.
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  • I prefer golden hair with pure white skin.
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  • I like it in the middle a light tan. I think blonde hair clashes with bronze skin.

    • I think it depends on the shade of blonde more. Gold is quite different from platinum or honey or whatever.

    • I think more often than not it doesn't work for me no matter the shade. When I see a girl with fake blonde hair and super tan skin I assume she's very self centered and possibly a ditz.

    • Ah! I think so too. But those are self-tanners, they go to the salon. The outcome between natural tanning (especially when you're already a POC) is very different than the fake sprays or beds. I also think gold is not a color that is common in blonde. I just see very light blondes or dark dirty blondes, and those are the popular choices for these girls. I'm trying to look classy and exotic. I think I'll try it out but thank you for your opinion :)

  • Tan for sure I don't like blonde and pale


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