Summer wedding outfit?

One of my best friends, who is a girl, is getting married next Saturday. Since its a middle of July wedding and can get pretty warm out, I do not want to wear a whole suit or tux. I was thinking of a simple attire; a long-sleeve button up shirt with my collegiate logo, khakis, and some Sperry's (shirt tucked in and a belt).
Is this an ok outfit choice for a wedding? If not, what are some other choices I can wear.
I do have two other shirt options;
1. a light green or teal long sleeve button up shirt
2. a classic button up white long sleeve shirt


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  • What do the khakis look like? And ew, no sperrys.

    • one pair is by Levi and jeans looking, the other pair is dressy.

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

    • No problem

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  • What about a suit without a tie?

    • so everything, the shirt, slacks, shoes and jacket? no tie?

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    • I don't have a jacket, last one I had was a rental.

    • Agree with this. Rent a light suit or buy one that's a light fabric.

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  • A tuxedo t shirt
    Fancy enough- but also light weight.
    Also shows ur here to party.

    • Haha nice, but I think the bride might kill me in the end :)

    • ok- call every wedding guest and say dress code has official been changed and everyones gotta wear one of those.
      She can't kill all of u ;)

    • very true... you just gave me that idea :)

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