CRISIS (lol ) Need to organise an outfit for Friday night?

Going to this fancy club place called Madison's for a friend's birthday but I have nothing that will suit the place and I also struggle to walk in heels. I would like to ask my mom if she wouldn't mind buying me shoes and a dress but I feel bad asking. It's winter where I am so it makes it harder for me to choose any of my current dresses since they're all made for summer. I don't know I'm already not keen on going because of this.


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  • Why don't you wear fancy pants with a blazer and silky shirt? Practice walking in heels.

    • That's a good idea I just don't own anything like that. I shall try anyhow maybe ask my mom if she has anything like that lol. thank you!

    • Yes good idea! If it's winter, I really suggest that you don't wear a dress.

    • Yeah it is indoors though but I'll see what I can put together.

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  • If it's gonna be indoors then the outside weather won't matter much honestly you could go buy a short long sleeved bodycon and for the heel problem I wear chunky heels cause they're super easy to walk in and still super cute


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