Place a pic of what tattoo (s) you have and share its meaning/story behind it?

I have the black queen chess piece tattoo on my left hip. It was inspired by the below image by obviously mine is inverted so it is black. The meaning behind it is that I will be a protector of my king (whether it be my man, family or friends) and protect them from harm. I will stop at nothing to ensure that you are safe and I get rid of the threat, even if my life is at risk. When I marry someone, I will have the king piece tattooed next to me.

Place a pic of what tattoo(s) you have and share its meaning/story behind it?


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  • I got my motto in my arm together with a medaillon.

    "Never give up, Never surrender"

    it stands for the hard times I've had in life. I'm a fighter and I will keep on fighting till I die. I'm not gonna let thoughts of suicide come to mind. I've had a huge depression a year back and even at that point the thoughts of killing myself never came to mind.

    as for the Medaillon it stands for my Grandma who passed away 2.5 years ago. She basically was my everything. I didn't have a great childhood due to getting bullied at school and my autism. so when I was around her I could be myself and enjoy our time together.

    - the L stand for Lies (short for Elisabeth).
    - the L stands also for my Love I hold for her.
    - the sun is her smile. she always shined upon us. no matter the circumstances.
    - the flower as she loved her garden and loved to share it with us (we always went out and picked fruit to eat :3).
    - and the Medaillon itself stands for value as in gold. there is no amount of money that can equal the love I've gotten from her.

    she really ment a lot to me. and at this way she will always be with me and will never be forgotten.

    the strips next to it is for the overall feel of the tattoo as I got a upper arm tattoo aswell. that's also full of meaning.
    I'll repost that one this evening ;).

    • Wow this touched my heart in a huge way. Tears welled up in my eyes. I'm so sorry you didn't have the opportunity to have a healthy childhood. You have grown up to be such a gorgeous man x

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    • sorry to hear all of that. but keep ur head high. If ur the girl from your picture. then no worries ur also a pretty looking girl. ull find someone who will love yah ;).

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  • Omg I have a chess queen too. I just didn't put that much thought into it. Mine is on the inside of mt elbow.
    Unlike you mine isn't symbolic, I just got it for fun.


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  • I'm too young to get tattoos yet, but I want to turn some of my bigger scars into tattoos.

    • tattooing on scars hurts even more :p.

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    • I know it won't make it disappear, but if I have the tattoo, people will be staring because it's beautiful and cool, not because it's a massive scar ya know?

    • True :). ain't saying you shouldn't get the tattoo mate :p. just hoped you knew everything before u went and did it :3. and by the looks of it you already knew. so that's great!

      that leaves 1 question. what are you gonna get ;D?

  • I don't have any tattoos but I have some large scars and they're very symbolic to me

    • The story behind them is personal to me so I'm not gonna say it here but you can message me if you'd like to know

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