Guys...what does it mean when you always look at a girl? please help!?

what does it mean when you look at a girl all the time, but when you are with your friends you hardly look at her, but you sort of sneak some looks at her when your friends aren't paying attention to you?

does that mean you like her, but your not too sure what your friends would think of her?

what should I do? because all he ever does it look, we haven't really spoken much...

he is also really popular..

please help

thanks (:


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  • He probably likes you but doesn't want his friends to notice, whether for fear that they'll "blow his cover" (not that you don't know already...), or because they'll tease him for looking but not acting.

  • Yeah he definitely likes you, or at the very least finds you attractive. If you're attracted to him, I'd suggest talking to him.


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