Do guys really even care about what girls wear? I no every guy is different but I am just wondering. I have been told by all my guy friends that they don't care but I am not sure if I believe them.

Do guys go for girls that dress trashy or classy I'm not sure its kind of a confusing question.


I want you guys personally opinions please


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  • The thing is, often times clothing style can be an indication of personality, values, social status, background, interests etc. Personally, I 'don't care' and I don't like to judge on such shallow bases, however, it definitely makes a difference when I'm contemplating whether or not a certain girl is 'my type', or not. I, for one, am into what I call "faux-hippy bohemian chic" lol. High quality, high fashion clothing, that just happens to usually be more expensive relative to other styles, but I'm not into label whores (Girls that walk around with a Louis Vuitton bag, Chanel suglasses, and a Burberry coat simultaneously.)

    So I would say that overall style matters more than simply clothing (but, I can be kind of picky).

    I hope that makes sense! :)


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  • I think guys care more about the general clothing style and not individual parts of clothing like girls might do. What we "go" for is really up to the individual. Some like punk girls, some like trashy or whatever...

  • I don't care either way. It's just clothing.


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