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Alright so I'm an 18 year old college bound student. Lately I have been finally starting to do things on my own and I feel like I'm very well prepared for college socially, financially (I'm currently working 30 hours a week and plan to work in college as well) and in terms of maturity. However, as confident as I may be, there are some road blocks that I am facing. And it's nobody's fault but my own..but I have no idea how to fix the problem. I'm 18 and have barely every driven..I don't have my license and it has definitely hurt me socially. I am very good at making friends but I don't go out much because I don't have a car..and I've only had one girlfriend in my life. Luckily she didn't mind that I didn't have a car..but maybe she did because she dumped me. I just feel like I have all the tools but I can't gain the courage to drive and get my license. I always evaluate myself and say "Wow, I am well prepared for college"..but then I think to myself..no I'm not..how the hell am I supposed to do well socially, in the dating world, with internships and jobs without a license? It has been ruining my life and I could fix it..but I don't know how. I just can't get over this pathetic fear of stepping in a car, putting the key in the ignition and stepping on the gas pedal.

Some more answers would help..anyways I'm not too upset but yesterday was a perfect example of a situation where not having a car screwed me. Younger girl I think is cute asked me to hang out. No car screwed me over.


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  • have you tried asking your parents to help you? ask them to let you drive somewhere and see what pointers they have. the only way to conquer the fear is to face it head on! You have to drive over and over, then it'll become second-nature to you. BUT if you're going to a big school that's in a decent sized city, you may not even need a car! you could use the bus or just walk. it would give you better uck with girls if you can talk a walk to wherever you're going to ease the nervousness. so it depends on how you look at life! find the brightside to everything.

    Athough...you'll have to get your license eventually, so might as well get it sooner rather than later!

    • Thanks. And yeah I tried driving with both of my parents and I don't think either of them had any idea how to handle it. I'm the oldest kid so I'm pretty much the guinea pig for all their parenting.

    • Gotchya! I was the same way being the oldest. My mom was more nervous with me driving than my dad! ha he'd pretty much let me drive and he'd sleep. It's definitly not as nerve-racking with someone not yelling at you every 5 minutes because you're doing something wrong. It helped me relax and just get used to driving by myself if you'd like to run that by them.

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  • So you basically feel as though everything would be complete in your life if you could drive! People might look at this and think 'just pass your test' it's obviously deeper than that! You need to find out what's caused that fear, there must be a reason from the past i.e. an experience or something you have seen to feel this way! If you can work this out maybe you can start working on overcoming this fear!?! X

    • I've tried to make excuses like past experiences (my grandparents have been in car accidents with me in the car that freaked me out) and stuff..I don't want to make excuses though. Any other suggestions?

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  • You're making enough money to pay for driver education classes. Get some education, and get your license. Ask a friend to help you along the way.

    • I already took drivers ed. All I need to do is start driving regularly and just take the written test and the driving test. And it's not as simple as that. It's too embarrassing to ask a friend to help me out with.