How do I make him like me again? Or does he like me already?

so I met him randomly at edc (the electric daisy carnival 185000 plus people.. as soon as I seen him he told his friend dang look at her so I went and sat by them come to find out that we both lived in las vegas started flirting and talked for the rest of the night... we exchanged numbers but I lost his twice I looked for him everywhere on facebook and everything I couldn't find him I was really sad.. but I guess he was looking all over for me to and he finally found me and we talked and he came to my house to pick me up we went to his friends and hung out and the for like 5 days I didn't go home but for like five minutes to get a whole bunch of clothes and stuff and I was with him ... I guess he just got out of a three year relationship with this girl and now that she found out that he started talking to me she kept texting him telling him all this stuff about how she loves him. it sucks because I finally went home and he tells me he likes me so much and I'm amazing but then illl try and call him or text him and he will ignore me .. he came to my house and hung out for a little bit and then said he had a lot to do and all this but he was going to hangout with all our friends and I wanted to go but he said no :( I don't understand we have everything in common and we get along great but I guess I like him far to much now he liked me a lot before and went through hell to try and find me and we hit it off right away but now its like I don't exist he barely responds to anything :( I don't no what to do I need help I am crying and wanting to hurt myself I really like him :( please help


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  • Awwww. Well honestly it sounds like he has a lot going right now with his Ex-gf in the picture still. If he really likes you he will come to you when things clear up with his ex. What you need to do right now is just try to keep busy and not think about him too much. He knows you like him because you made it obvious you want to be around him, so if he wants you, I'm sure he'll come get you. Don't stress so much, you know? No worries! And don't do anything emo and hurt yourself because that's not cool at all. good luck!


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  • He might not be over the ex or he is hooking up with her or might get back with her, maybe he used you to make her jealous and get back with her or just to make her jealous etc...if a guy is into you he will call, make time, spend time etc


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