How do I get girls interested in dating me?

I'm rather stumped on this one as I think I have a lot to offer as I'm 25 , have own apartment , go to college and have part time job in a fun and exciting city with lots of young people

but not getting many dates and I'm not really sure why the girls aren't interested in dating me or what I should be saying or doing to get them more interested .

any ideas or suggestions ?


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  • Ok. I think maybe you don't seem like the type girls will want right away. Which is fine. Just don't throw urslef into a realtionship. Start out as friends and work from there. Hang out a few times and maybe text to say you like her... After a while she'll probably start falling for you also.

    • The problem is the friend zone can develope if your seeing a girl and she's not thinking of you as romantic material , so starting out as friends might be deceptive and just kill any dating hopes anyways . I do agree girls aren't interested rate away and seem to need to warm up to meet , that's why I think I'm finding it really hard to meet random girls here

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    • Yeah they seem to have pretty big ego's here at least the good looking ones do or girls guys actually want to date . I do agree hanging out with friends as a group might work or at least allow for me to get to know her . only problem be geting these girls to agree to do anything outside of class as they seem to be impossible

    • Haha you should get a girl that's just a friend and have her ask the girl you like to hang out with your friends in a group and ull happen to be there and then you can talk with her..

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  • What is your approach normally?

    • Well I meet girls through lots of different things , if I were to say meet a girl at a bar I'd try and talk to her get her name and maybe have a drink with her , then try and ask for her #

      if I were to meet a girl at college I'd try and talk to her and get her on my facebook or get her email and gradually try and get to know her

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    • Its a city with a lot of university girls who tend to be very attractive and difficult to actually date . they tend to meet me but never make any effort to take things to another level or aren't interested in keeping in contact . some girls I see here show some positive body language signs or I get the feeling they might be interested but there difficult to actually date , the girls here just don't go on lots of dates with random guys they seem to hang out with gf's instead or go to nightclubs

    • Possibly because a lot of young women are not necessarily looking to "date" because they are not looking to be in a relationship. They may just be looking for fun. You have to look for the ones who do what that kind of thing. *hint: women who are scantly clad are probably not looking to be in a relationship. Attention is their goal.

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  • Okay, going to college, having your own place it great, but that alone will not attract women. First, ask yourself are you confident in yourself? Is your style up to date? Dress well, clean cut, well spoken, be a gentelman but not a push over. In shape? Not afraid to approach women? Ask yourself all those questions.

    • Well I think in general I don't have much trouble approaching a girl if I'm interested in her , that doesn't seem to be the problem . my clothes is fine , I could be a bit more fancy some nights but its not a huge deal . I do agree I need to do a little more to attract the girls and create interest in them or that feeling that would lead them to want to date me

    • Ill tell you this, women love a man of mystery. Don't throw yourself at them, and never let them know you don't have anything going on. "you're always busy"

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