The movie called "Remember Me"?

I recently saw the movie called remember me.

i heard it was based off of a novel, but I now know that it isn't...

so has anyone read books written in the same style as remember me? like a self narrative?


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  • Yeah, Remember Me was not based on a book. But, did you like it? I really liked it. I mean, I might be a bit biased, but I thought it was pretty good. Pierce Brosnan's outburst during the meeting was quite interesting to watch. Ah, the ending killed me.

    • I loved it, robert pattinson is amazing.

      i was looking for a book that's the same style. lol I cried actually at the end

  • It's not based on a book.


    I'm not sure what the movie is like, but you said self narrative books? Check amazon

    • I should explain myself further, the movie is a narrative of the main character through letters that he writes to his dead brother