Can a guy and a girl really be just friends?

I don't think that it's possible for a guy to just be friend with a girl, hang out with her alone and not feel any attraction too her...I mean that he likes her more that like just a friend or at least wants something out of her!

If a guy you're seeing meets other girls and they spend time alone at his place something is going on.. that's obvious or am I being naive? My experience makes me believe in it so strong tho..


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  • I have a friend and she is a girl. We are pretty close but not attracted to each other in a boyfriend girlfriend way. I love going shopping with her and always ask what hair style I should get :). Sometimes when we go out somewhere she helps me to meet other girls and I can help her to meet boys (be her wingman and vice versa) lol.

    I can open up to her and tell her my secrets.

    She is like a sister to me.

    Maybe in the future if I will get feelings towards her I wouldn't mind to ask her to marry me since we know each other for so long, good friends and she always so many of my secrets :)


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  • I have female that I've been best freinds with for over 3 years. I don't look at her any other way although she is gay so its not the best example on her part. she also is good looking in a pretty universal way.


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  • it IS of my best friends is a guy...he's like a brother to me...and I'm like his sister...and that's it! <3

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