What do you think of girls who cannot feel good without makeup, or self tanning or covering up what they have, or talk about plastic surgery?

I think that it is completely ridiculous. You got through childhood without makeup, without tanning and covering up, but all of a sudden you're going to die inside because you don't look like some model who is wearing ten pounds of makeup and is constantly in the nicest clothing which is given to her for free b cause she is a model.

Also what do you think of these models promoting all of this makeup crap?


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  • They're extremely insecure and unhappy with their lives. Not only do they go to extremes t look likes someone they're not, but it comes from a deep-seeded insecurity that they have nothing to offer other than looks. The problem is that focusing so much time and energy on looking good takes away from being someone and doing things worthwhile. This makes them feel even worthless, so they turn to Facebook and Instagram where random people drool over perfectly posed images of their fake selves. When this instant gratification goes away, they feel like their perfectly made-up, photoshopped self with perfect lighting is the only version of themselves people care about, so it only causes resentment in reality when they don't look like that. They shun themselves, stop socializing with real people, turn into recluses who are only happy when they're getting attention online

    I have a friend like that and she hates herself and her life. I can walk into a club with absolutely no makeup on and get ten times the attention she does because I actually interact with people. She gets so green with jealousy when people in real life tell me I'm beautiful because she puts so much effort into it online and I put very little into it. In reality she could be just as pretty without makeup, but she wears so much all the time it's ruined her skin

    • Probably best answer, thanks!

    • You're welcome

      I sometimes wear makeup when I go out on the weekends, but strictly keep it to lipstick or eyeliner and mascara because everything else feels like I'm suffocating my skin. I wear fun colors and draw on crazy cat eyes to enhance my features and express my creativity because I'm going to make sure people notice it if I actually put the effort into putting it on. Makeup should be reserved for special occasions and going out, not everyday. The "no makeup" makeup look is so irritating because they wouldn't need to have one of those if people didn't kill their skin with wearing so much makeup all the time

      Tanning is dangerous, apparently addictive the same way drugs are, and I believe everyone's natural hair and skin tones are the most attractive on them. Plastic surgery is a definite no-no unless you've been in an accident or have a birth defects. Braces are great and I recommend them. Some laser treatments for scars are okay as well. And I can't stand eyebrow threading

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  • Its their decision and what makes them comfortable/feel good. If they wanna do it its on them I just know I don't do it

  • People tell people they don't look great all the time, so people try to fix themselves with makeup.

  • I want a big booty/boobies


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