Meeting Ccte guys to start a relationship

Ok this might be kind of a funny question, I really wanna meet a cute guy to start a relationship with, but the weird thing is that guys that I don't like or I think that are not attractive they always turn out to like me, where should I go to meet awesome guys that I will like and they will like me back.


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  • Welcome to the club! There's no right way to meet the guy who will sweep you off your feet (and be attractive). Avoid bars and nightclubs though. Those are HORRIBLE places to meet guys that are actually interested in having a relationship and not just sleeping with you. If you're in college, my best advice would be to get involved in activities where you can meet guys that like what you like. Maybe a cute one! And yes, I know it's really hard not to get hung up on how a guy looks, but sometimes the so-so guys are awesome to be in a relationship with. Don't underestimate those guys. Good luck!


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