Are sideburns on guys masculine and attractive if neat or just gross?

Nothing but the title!!
  • Sideburns are masculine and attractive
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  • Sideburns are masculine but unattractive
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  • Sideburns are just gross
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  • I like them but not the ones that go all the way down to the beard.

    • Yeah I didn't want to get too specific with all the lengths.. just regular old strong sideburns down the ear not too long

    • Yeah I like those.

  • It depends on the guy but as long as it's neat and well-kept then yes it can be attractive.

  • 100% depends on how u look with them

    • I would just say an already attractive guy probably an 8 or 9 out of 10 solid

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    • You imagine for yourself lol just sideburns themselves

    • i don't care foreal. I don't know what girls find so gross about em

  • Unattractive, but not gross.

    • Why unattractive?

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    • None at all? Interesting

    • None at all. I prefer my man to shave really everything but his hair and eyebrows.

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