Has anyone seen the show "Undatable?"

I mean seriously to me it makes it look like women are a bunch of super stuck up picky bitches.

After I was done watching the show I thought... well.. time to end my life.. I'm not allowed to do anything.

I mean I don't do any of those things, but still.


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  • You do know they purposely choose women that bad just to boost ratings, right?

    Most of the reality shows I see with competitive women are just caricatures of the worst type of women out there.

    What you see on TV isn't a true representation of what you get in life ... because real life is boring and won't attract advertisers.


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  • yeah I've seen it. you gotta admit some of that stuff on there is pretty bad!

    • Ok yeah, but damn there is a lot of stuff women do too that is terrible, but because of the feminist movement and billions of dollars that goes into companies that support women, a show like that will probably never ever see the light of day.

    • Well I have to say now you got a current taste of what it's like for a girl. that one series on vh1 made you feel some kind of way, think about men's megazines, hottest 100 girl ratings, magazines, fashion, models, etc. and you can understand that girls have it much worse in terms of the media making you feel bad

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  • You just figured out a lot of current trendy women are super stuck up etc? Most guys know that by the time they are 16...

    • Yeah I don't need to have it rubbed in my face all the time. Nearly every commercial is about how men suck.

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