Is there a pants fit for women with a small waist, small thighs, and big hips?

Every women's pant style seems to assume you have either big hips and thighs, or small hips and thighs. I have a lot of hips/rear, but my thighs are pretty small. So regular or skinny cut pants don't fit, because by the time the hips fit the waist is so big it can't even be belted. But curvy or relaxed cuts don't work, because there's so much extra fabric in the leg that I look ridiculous and it's obvious the pants are too big.

Is there any solution here other than tailoring? What should I look for?


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  • Maybe try looking around at different stores

    • Trust me, I've shopped every store within 30min of here - I have found exactly 1 pair of pants that fits, and nothing in the way of shorts.

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    • It's still showing off your ass to the world. I want something that actually covers my rear, not shows everything off to everyone.

    • Fair enough lol

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