What's your hair wash routine? (Long hair)?

I have mostly straight but wavy at the ends hair. I'd like for you to share your hair routine from washing your hair but specifically how you dry it without getting frizzy. My hair gets frizzy every time so i'm going to try new techniques


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  • I have long hair and many women have expressed their jealousy about it. don't use a lot of products in your hair. less is best remember that. I wash every other day and condition twice a week. you want better looking hair try brushing it 1000+ times.


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  • My hair is super long past the small of my back. It's thick and wavy and tends to get frizzy or fall flat - no in between lol
    What I do is wash it as one normally then deep condition it once or twice every two weeks. Use conditioner with every wash. Also, coconut oil is a dream and makes my hair silky smooth. I definitely recommend it.


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