I don't like long face. But my chin now growing... What should I do?

Well I didn't know my change even few days ago.
But yesterday, I took a photo for certification and I realized it.
Seems long face.. Actually I compared last year's photo, I could easily find difference. Jaw.
Last year my chin grew a lot and feeling growing now too.
It made my jaw seems long.

Honestly, I don't like long face and prefer round face.
So I don't like my chin's change.
I'm worrying about this. If still grow more, I will get much long face.
Haaa What should I do..😑
Ah, my face was square. Not now..


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  • Well.. I know that you probably don't want to hear this, but just like with anything else, you will eventually get used to it and accept what is... because it's your face.

    It will eventually not bother you so much anymore. You didn't even notice it until recently, right? Also, you are your own worst critic. Something that bothers you so much on your own body.. Isn't even noticeable to other people and most people don't even care.

    There is just no point getting heated about it. If I were stand in the mirror and point put my imperfections... I would probably be standing there all day. Maybe even pointing things out that aren't even there. If it bothers you THAT much, there is always surgery... but, like always, I never reccomend cosmetic surgery because it might turn out worse than before.


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