What are some funny/witty replies to when someone critiques your outfit/style?

I have a very distinct style that I've finally found and liked; many people find it neat, but there's always those people who ask "Why are you wearing that", "It looks weird", etc etc.

For example one day it was chilly/weird spring weather and I decided to wear a huge blue fuzzy sweater with black thigh high socks, black Dr. Martens and and oversized blue scarf; it was cozy and I really liked it!

But when I went out this girl that goes to my school was like "It's cold, why are you wearing that"; she had on wellie boots, leggings, a fitted sweater and a rain jacket. I just said "I'm not cold, and I love it", but I've been asked this tons of times before, and just want to have fun with it. Any ideas?


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  • When she says its cold, say yes it is, wanna warm my nipples with your tongue? She won't say it again


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