Specifically for girls in both college and HS with this style, which ones?

Which girls do you see that wear black leggings and keep a bitch face when players come up trying to play it cool and ignore it by not looking down/trying to get through the bitch face give players the toughest time and are just too tough for players?
  • None, no girls are very good at it/I dont see girls with that style
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  • Brunette white girls
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  • Blonde white girls
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  • Other white girls
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  • Black girls
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  • Latinas
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  • Asians
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What Girls Said 2

  • I see that we appearently live in a world where everyone is either white, black, latina, or Asian.

    • On GAG, yes. They didn't have room for more options.

  • White girls in general

    • Ugh. Yeah. Those are the ones I can't beat.

    • That's why I just gave up, because of them. can't ignore it anyway, but there is NO way to get through their bitch face😕😕and I tried!

    • They could just have RBF

What Guys Said 1

  • basic white blonde girls


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