Girls, Which type of underwear do you prefer?

Title is self explanatory and comments are not needed unless you wanna tell us something about what you wear :).
  • Girls, Which type of underwear do you prefer?Normal Panties?
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  • Girls, Which type of underwear do you prefer?Hipsters?
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  • Girls, Which type of underwear do you prefer?Thong?
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So at 1st Thong was winning this wich actually suprised me :P. A lot of girls/women said boyshorts wich are Hipsters (which i prefer on a girl ^^).
But it seems Panties still win it these days :).

nice going girls/women just be urselfs :D and wear what you wanna wear :D. Be open to try new things tough :3. mix things up and be adventurous ;D!

Created this poll purely out of curiousity ;D.

now as to who to give MHO ;o. Who has some sweet/kind words for me :)?


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  • Hipsters and Boyshorts.

    • Quote. "A lot of girls/women said boy shorts which are hipsters" End Quote

      Might I just draw your attention to the differences between the two.

      Hipster Short vs. Boy Short
      One of the main differences between the hipster shorts and the boy shorts is the fashion category. The hipster short falls within apparel and the boy short fits within the undergarment classification. Another notable difference is in the silhouette. The hipster short silhouette -- referred to as vintage shorts -- generally has a high-waist and a 1 Β½ inch inseam. The boy short silhouette is a form-fitting, undergarment short with a low waistline that is cut straight across the hips with leg panels generally finishing at the top of the thigh.

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    • Thank you so very much indeed for the MHO. :)

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