What does the word "overdressed" mean to you?

  • What does the word Dressing too formally for the occasion?
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  • What does the word Dressing too warmly for the weather?
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  • You will neverrr get me to dress formal. I could be recieving a music award, the most formal i'll get is a tie under my leather jacket along with jeans.


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  • Overdressing for me is when you have too formal attire for the occasion (ie. a ball gown in school), whereas dressing too warmly is just dressing stupid for me.

    • i see, but is there a word for overdressing when you mean dressing too warmly for the weather?

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    • That's what I just said. If I put too warm clothes on I often state to other people that it was stupid of me to do so. And I do that quite often.

    • lol ok got it... I'm like that too... do you remember your most overdressed for the weather situation? I once wore thermal leggings under my jeans and a thermal top under my sweater since it was cold in the morning, but as the temp rose and rose and rose I kept getting warmer and more embarrassed lol...

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  • If I'm going to my step sons sporting even I wouldn't wear party clothes for a night out. If I'm going zip lining. I wouldn't wear an expensive outfit with heels. Overdressed to me is inappropriate for the activity.

  • Too formal

  • Too formal.

  • I use it for the 2nd. But then again I am not a native English speaker

    • that's actually how I use it, but most people here seem to agree that it's the first one...

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