Is an innocent appearance more attractive than the opposite?

What makes someone look innocent?
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  • I guess that's a matter of personal taste but to me it definitely is. I love "innocent" girls.
    Some features that make a girl appear innocent to me include:
    - Being a little shy
    - Being a genuinely sweet/good person (being helpful, considerate, generous etc.)
    - Not using a lot of (youth-) slang and/or swear words
    - Being more of studious type of girl
    - Maybe being a little quiet
    - Not being rebellious (for example not wearing tattoos or piercings or colored hair etc.)
    - Being generally calm (not being much of party girl, enjoying calm moods)

    It's actually quite difficult to explain what I think most of us know at least one person that is genuinely sweet and innocent. Maybe they appear a little "mainstream" or even boring towards strangers but that doesn't mean they can't hold very rebellious opinions. For example I really love the type of girls who look like a preacher's daughter from outside but when you get to know her, you realize she has all these alternative, lefty, rebellious opinions. I think that's so much cooler than Punk girls who try hard to show everyone how rebellious and wild they are.


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  • I look so innocent because I'm small and guys think I'm still a pure virgin. PWAHAHAHAH. Jokes on them because I'm the most perverted girl they'll ever meet.


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