So I'm a good looking guy and muscular. What would you girls think of a guy wearing a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket? Whether in class or just in public?


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  • That question is a no brainier. ( in my opinion. ) A black leather jacket on a muscular frame has been classic handsome/attractive for a while now.

    • It's weird though because girls always think I'm a conceded asshole wen I'm actually the nicest peron ever. So does that appearence make me look like a jerk?

    • Well than that's rash judgement on their part. You said that you're good-looking and girls sometimes come to the conclusion that you must be an asshole just based on your appearance. I think a leather jacket looks nice but that's just my opinion.

  • I personally don't like leather jackets... plain black tshirts are hot, but jackets seem kinda gross to me


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