Ladies, Physical attraction. Does it matter?

I've always thought that if a guy was muscular or not muscular, with or without a toned physique, physical attraction is important only for intimate chemistry and when first getting hooked up with a girl (because it pulls them closer) but not as important as having the attitude, personality, behavior and overall charisma.

what do you think?

Does attraction matter more? or less?



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  •'s mostly attraction that will pull a woman in. But that is at first,you could hook up once or twice..but by then she will have read your actual personality to see if she likes more than your looks or body. If she's still around you by then,she likes both. Not to sound cruel,but most women look for physical attraction before a mental one. :)

  • To be perfectly honest if a man is physically attractive it does bring a girl in at first however with looks lacks personality but few women learn from this. I find that if I can talk to a guy and have a laugh with them then I become attracted to them on a deeper level. And then I do end up noticing how physically attractive they are.

    ~Always remember that everyone has somethin cute about them and when you look closely you'll see it~


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