Does this modeling agency look legit to you?

Does anyone know about this modeling agency? This guy messaged me to model for him and keeps trying to get me to call hom for arrangements to go model for him. I m 13 hours away from this guy and he still wants me to model. Anyone know about this guy?
His modeling name is called
"Theonlywaymodeling" he's got a Facebook you can find is you search it. I cannot post the link on here, it won't let me. If anyone knows about this agency let me know. Thank you :)


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  • It sounds fake to be honest. Dont fall for it. Sometimes they say modeling but it could. be porn for all you know

    • Yeah I'm not lol. Thats why I haven't messaged back

    • Good. yeah I've seen many ads where they try to get girls for "modeling" but it turns out they wanna make sex videos.

    • Gross. Some people in this world 😣

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