Girls, Question for any girls under 25 that wear them and have had this happen, if it was obvious, what?

If you're 1 of these girls who wears black leggings, keeps a straight face on guys that are player types and has had 1 come up to you trying to ignore it and not look down, couldn't and his jaw dropped, then he looked up-but right into your poker face-IF he had a very frustrated look on his face at any point where you clearly saw him flustered and defeated, at which point was it and what do you think frustrated him?
  • I don't wear those/I do, but am not under 25/I do and am under 25, but haven't had a player try this/I have, but none ever got that look
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  • I have. when he looked down at my legs. his jaw dropped. they're too thick, in black leggings that was too tough for him
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  • I have. when his eyes went to my booty, he tried to look up, but his eyes dropped to my legs too. I'm too thick in both spots, the black tights were too tough for him
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  • I have. when his eyes went to my booty. I'm athletic, and the black tights were just too much
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  • I have. when his eyes went to my booty, he tried to look up, but looked down at my legs too, jaw hung down. I'm athletic, the black tights showed it. got him.
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  • I have. after his eyes looked down at my booty and legs, he looked up, tried but couldn't get through my poker face. his jaw hung down.
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  • I have. I've had that happen, but I couldn't tell what got him really
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  • The same question fr?


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