Girls, I have to go to a party with a 'gender swap' theme. What do you recommend for me to wear?


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  • Go all out... short dress or skirt, panties, bra, nylons and high heels. Make a statement!

    • Is the underwear neccessary? Unless I hook up no one's going to see it surely.
      What colors should I get? And if everyone's saying I should get high heels how high heels should I get?

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    • It was kind of the coordination and putting it together I didn't know about so that helps. The shoes, specifically what sort do I want? There's all sorts with straps in different places, or no back, or ones with open toes? It's so confusing.

      I'm not sure if shaving my legs might be taking it too far for a party! I'll probably look weird for months afterwards if I'm in shorts! So I'll probs take your advise about the tights unless you really think shaving would look that much better.

    • Shaving would look better, but that's up to you. Stay with a shorter heel, like 2-3" and on the chunkier side, if possible. No pencil thin stilettos, until you're used to them. Harder to master. A basic pump would be best for starters, but if there's some sort of strap, like around the ankle or across the foot (Mary Jane's) then that will help give you more stability.

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  • Short skirt with stockings and high heels and a blouse.

    • Any suggestions for colors? And how high should the heels be?

  • if you want to be funny get a dolce silk scarf and cat eye sunglasses plus a floral dress and crossbody bag, heels as well.

    • The scarf's a few hundred dollars. A bit expensive for one night! The glasses look cool though if I can find a cheap enough pair. What length of dress and what sort of shoe were you thinking of?

    • you can find a cheap one that's not silk and tie it around your head. cat eye glasses can be found for cheap probably on amazon or quay australia. i would do a mid thigh dress and stilettos if you can walk. otherwise maybe kitten heels. try shoes that lace up front of the calf.

    • Is that like boots?

  • prom dress with 6'' heels


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