Girls, if you were to brag to me about how cute, pretty, or sexy you are tell me how you would do so?

This is not a time to be humble. There's a time and place for everything, but not now. Hit me with your best shot


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  • 😂 Hm well I am not one who likes to be centre of attention, I know i am attractive, but don't compliment myself face to face with others and shy from compliments haha even to the point of freezing a bit when my boyfriend calls me beautiful. Ok um, this will be interesting 😂.
    I am very attractive with nice physique and personality. Having a slim, hour glass body, long legs broad shoulders, at a hight of 5'6". Small breasts with curved butt. Olive skin with almond shaped dark brown eyes and long eyelashes, accompanied by over a meter long, thick, wavy dark brown/bronze hair. My personality has been described as crazy, fun, evil, adventurous, stubborn, logical, shy, sweet, blunt, and abnormal. All in all a great combo of both worlds well so my boyfriend says.
    ok how i go (reads back over) ... ok I'm shit at this 😂😂😂 I sound more like I'm selling a product 😭😆 well i guess that is what happens when you ask a logical blunt shy crazy person to brag about themselves 😂 Well have fun reading that

    • Yeah you do sound pretty enticing when you sell yourself, but you might not want to be a product. If that's the case, bring up your bluntness and start to brag about this rather than sell it girl 😉

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    • Alright, redmatch?

    • 👏🎉 Yep 😂

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  • I would just show you my pic. No words are needed

    • What if I'm really good at acting like my mind isn't blown by your pic?

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