What kind of shirt would a guy like to wear?

my boyfriend always only wear his grey polo tee out and university is starting soon - I want to buy more shirts for him, but I'm not exactly fashion literate... I'm not sure what kind of shirts guys normally go for. what do guys normally like to wear?
what kind of shirt provides maximum comfort for guys? or is it all pretty much the same as long as the size is right?
also, what are the top 3 colours guys would normally choose for their clothes?
to add on; my boyfriend is a little sporty, rides a bicycle to school, lean but not skinny. it would be nice to have something that suits him well.

basically, I don't want him to feel odd wearing what I chose for him and I'm doing this without letting him know, so I'm here to seek better advice... 😅


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  • I like to wear black or white t-shirt, not too tight but not baggy as well


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  • Well every guy likes different stuff, maybe you could start by getting other shirts like the one he likes. Even if it's the same shirt in a different color, that's a big improvement over always wearing 1 shirt!


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  • Buy him some polos, vnecks, graphic tees, or button downs. Get white, navy blue, and black. Possibly a red as well


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