Meet the dream girl but not sure where things are going or if I missed a chance?

the first time I meet her was a couple weeks back on the bus but it was like 3 am and I was drunk after going to some clubs but I still noticed her and really though she was cute and oddly she got off at same stop as me and lives rate down the street , she is a really cute short and thin blond girl , who looks like she'd make an awesome girlfriend .

then I didn't think much about her till last night when I ran into her at a local pub . eventually got the nerve to talk to her and she told me her name and she seemed really nice and may have been interested , it was tough to say as she was partying last night . anyways I'm at least on her radar and maybe she'll want to get to know me better . didn't ask for her number though .

but what concerns me is the 2 times I have actually seen her have been very late and drinking has been involved , so she might just think I drink a lot or be thinking I just want to have sex with her .


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  • Well she was partying too so that's not a big deal. You should have asked for her number you might never see her again, so go there and just do it. She will know while you talk that's not only about sex we can notice that. Guys that just want sex behave in a certain way that is easy to notice.

    • Well there is a good chance I see her again if she goes to same bar it me and leaves just down the street and takes same bus I take at night . so I should plan on what I will say to her when I see her again as that could happen at any time . no its not a big deal she was partying , I was just concerned that both times she has seen me I've been drunk , she hasn't really seen the normal me yet . but her response at bar was pretty positive so maybe she didn't care or liked fact I was partying .

    • I am not really attracted to drunk guys but that's me. Don't count on the fact she leaves near by and take the same bus it has already happen to me I wanted to met a guy in college and I didn't do anything and he just left the college so she could move to another place, and you never know so do what you can to get her phone.

  • defffinetaly talk to her, and maybe ask her to dinner or take her to a place where drinking is not involved that way you can get to know each other more(: hope that helppedd

    • Yeah I do agree a more serious situation might help or even something casual like a sit down conversation at a coffee shop could lead somewhere or a conversation on bus . but I'm not sure how much of a chance I have after what has happened so far . but if she did give me a date I'd make the most of it as I like her

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