Why do people with Spectacles give a Nerdy look?

If you also think so please explain why, if not also explain why?


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  • It's mainly because this is how they are portrayed in cartoons, movies and the shows.


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  • Glasses are used for reading. Most nerds are expected to read.

    • well what if one of the back bencher has week eyesight? still a nerd?

    • No, you're asking me why wearing spectacles gives a nerdy look and that's the answer. People think about intelligence when they see glasses, even if it's just for eyesight correctio and not "style". There's a guy in my class before and he wore glasses, plus he looked like a common kid genius like we see on movies and TV
      Shows, the teacher actually assumed he was smart. I assumed he was too. He's not a genius. It was just the glasses.

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