Flirting tips?

Guys what type of flirting do you absolutely love? Be descriptive.


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  • hm, flirting. I guess it depends on the type of guy. personally I like it when a girl plays hard to get but not so hard the guy gets bored or annoyed. if your talking about flirting with someone you already know, get on of his friends that he can talk truthfully to and have that person ask him. but if you are talking about flirting with 'new' people then keep the guy guessing. flirt but don't flirt too heavy. most guys will catch on right away when your flirting and will often flirt back if he has interest in you. if you two are hanging out is a group of friends *if most of you are single* then your group of people will most likely separate into 2 groups. but before you separate, if you are leaning or hanging on him, when you part let your arm graze down his body/arm and hopefully he will notice and you give him a 'sexy' glance before leaving. is any of this helpful?

    • I've known this guy for about three years now and I see him every year at this time. Except it'll be next week. it's a huge concert weekend that we're going to. My friends are going with me and his friends with him so it's not like we planned on going together. He is the type of guy that doesn't want a girlfriend (as of last year) but he'll flirt and stuff. I want him to be really attracted to me.

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    • Okay thanks!

    • Okay, no problem. I really hope I helped. good luck!

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  • What I know most or some guys like are,.

    They like being able to hold a girls hand or be able to touch them even if it is small.

    They like it when you act really cute or do cute mind game stuff. Ect.

    Sorry I'm not more descriptive.

  • When the girl touches you, eye contacts, smile, and when she mirrors my behaviors.

  • A girl that hugs me alot

    A girl at is cute, smiles alot

    A girl that has staring competitions with me. =P (dude that is sooo radd =D)

    A girl that mocks me

    A girl that is not too slutty



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