How much does being funny count for?

I would appreciate comments and I know for some girls funny is a must have, if you are one them please post comment. also there is a difference between funny and goofy

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Being funny is very high up on my list. I honestly think I might spend about half of my day laughing or at least smiling so it is a must for a guy to have a good sense of humor. If a guy is funny enough he can be totally hot to me,even if he isn't to the rest of the can easily change a guy from a 4 to an 8. not that I rate people though,but if I had to,that would be the range that it could bump them up to.


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What Girls Said 1

  • for me ..a guy being funny is a winner because it shows the guy has a sense of humor and makes things fun not awkward. but it is true goofy can be funny but there's different "funny" because you can just make stupid jokes and try to be funny and just fail but then there's the real funny that gets everyone laughing


What Guys Said 2

  • A sense of humor can definitely turn the tide in a guy's favor if he's trying to attract a woman's interest, and he is genuinely funny (in other words, not being over-the-top and trying too hard).

  • In my experience, 'goofy' is usually used for people who are trying to be funny but aren't.