Girls, Which pair of shoes should I invest in?

I already have a pair of black Dr. Martens 1460 boots, and I love them to death! Such a great shoe brand, and I want another pair but in a different style.

I'm tie between these heeled boots and these oxfords

As for my style (or style goals), I don't know how to describe it--mostly black and minimal; I like to wear black cropped turtlenecks, dark, high waisted denim, dark lipstick (shades of navy and black and maroon), and oversized sweatshirt/hoodie dresses under a fancy wool coat. In the spring, I keep my black/maroon/navy/white color scheme, but wear leggings or a mini skirt with an oversized tee.
Okay, a better description, my style is probably a little Jane Birkin, a little Kate Moss, and a dash of Bardot (lots of figure-hugging off the shoulder tops and turtlenecks) if I had to describe it!


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  • Oh definitely the heeled boots then :)

  • The first pair.


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