What are the pros and cons to wearing a push up padded bikini?

If you have worn a push up/padded bikini top, what are the pros and cons?


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  • I'm guessing the pro would be having super nice looking boobs. But I personally have such big boobs on my own that all underwire bikinis look like they'd be super push up bikinis, and I struggle to find ones that fit me, so I wouldn't have room for the extra padding, which would be a con for me.

    • Doesn't a push up underwire help keep them in place though and give you good support? I feel like a non underwire one would not give much support.

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    • I have yeah

    • Okay ☺

  • It never dries so you have to change into a different one before you leave the beach/pool or whatever. That's all I can think of.


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