Tips for higher self esteem?

How can I get higher self esteem? I lost a lot of weight and cleared my skin. I still get nervous when my boyfriend tells me other girls are hot when we're out together. Like what does she have that I don't?
He wouldn't date me if he didn't find me attractive or think my personality is interesting, right?
We have been together for 2 years. That two year period is when I made all these positive changes for my health and appearance. I'd feel my boyfriend would be proud to show me off and stuff or at least compliment me.
How can I get higher self esteem? Any tips at all?
I never bother him about this. I keep it all inside. I know guys find it annoying when their girl has self esteem issues.


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  • first of all... he still is with you and goes out with you. Nothing rings a bell he might be showing someone off? A man comfortable with his girl will tell her what he thinks: I might like you and date you but that doesn't mean I cannot have an opinion about anybody else

    • No one stares at me or anything while we are out together. I wouldn't consider it being shown off lol.
      And the fact he can tell me other girls are hot is a good thing, right? Trust and stuff?

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    • I don't want anyone else's attention but he rarely compliments me either. I compliment him all the time. And ok thanks.

    • talk about it. but give a reason to yourself in why is it that you want to be complimented. that is your true reason (whichever happens to be)

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  • look at your self in the mirror and say to yourself out loud you are beautiful 10 times or more you may cry but it's worth it ik I did I've never done that to my self before and I cried like a baby I feel so confident and to top it of when some one you love says it it means so much because they really do mean it 😍

    • You really think when someone says you're pretty they're being genuine? I never can tell.

    • Well for me when family and love ones or friends ik they mean it but random people I'm just meeting I'll take it as a compliment it can be hard to tell if they mean it or not sometimes guys just say it to be nice courteous i guess 🤔

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  • Just becuse we dont like you to have self esteem issues dont Mean we won't help you whit then. I think you need a talk whit your boyfriend about it

    • Really? It's not too much of a burden?

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    • If he gives a shit about you, he'll understand. If he makes a big deal out of it, you're dating the wrong guy

    • forgotten_friend that is so true

  • I got this from girls: give yourself a self-care day. I'm a guy and I try to get a spa pedicure, spa-facial, and full-body massage once a month.

    Sometimes you have to feel good on the inside to feel good on the outside. Sometimes, it's the other way around.


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